The Top 5 Books in SAT Math Prep

One of the most cost efficient ways to prepare for the SAT is purchasing books and study guides.  Below I have reviewed the best books in the math SAT prep genre.  I provided links so you can read customer reviews and check them out for yourself!

#5  Barron’s SAT, 26th Edition

Updated to reflect the most recent SATs, this manual offers college-bound students an explanation of all the important tactics and strategies for taking the SAT, as well as a detailed review of all test topics, a diagnostic test, and five full-length SAT practice tests with all questions answered and explained. Subject reviews cover critical reading, grammar and usage, and math, as well as detailed instruction in preparing and writing the required SAT essay. The book’s additional features include an overview of the SAT, an explanation of its scoring method, and general study advice.  The

price tag for this book is very reasonable and it has some innovative strategies you won’t find in competitor books.

#4 Kaplan SAT 2013

Kaplan is a trusted name in test prep, and this book is very well put together.  This guide is thorough, thoughtful, and includes strategies in both math and verbal.  What is really nice about Kaplan, and what puts it higher on the list than Barron’s, is its “Higher Score guarantee” that provides security that no other test preparation guide on the market can match.  The book is very affordable too! 

Check it out here.

#3 320 SAT Math Problems arranged by Topic and Difficulty Level

“320 SAT Math Problems arranged by Topic and Difficulty Level.”  The title says it all. The problems in this book were carefully chosen by a Ph.D. in mathematics with more than a decade of SAT math tutoring experience. This book is laid out in such a way that any student can immediately find the problems he or she needs to improve in a quick and efficient manner. What makes this book stand out is the emphasis on different difficulty levels.  The book has a great approach, making it a favorite with both tutors and students.  Check out the impressive customer reviews on


#2 The Official SAT Study Guide, 2nd edition

Over two million copies of 

The Official SAT Study Guide have been sold, and for good reason.  Its almost obligatory to purchase this book.  This is the book that is made by the test company that brings you the actual exam and includes ten released SAT exams.  The book includes tips in both math and verbal sections.  The price tag for this book is incredibly reasonable and purchasing the hard copy allows some online perks as well.

#1  Dr. John Chung’s SAT Math

Dr. Chung’s book is, hands down, the best SAT math prep book available.  The book has a no nonsense approach to the exam for students serious about achieving the highest possible scores.  Dr. Chung has been teaching SAT math for over 17 years and has owned his own test prep company since 1992.  He has helped hundreds of students achieve a perfect score on the SAT and SAT II: Math I and II, enabling them to gain entry to Ivy League schools such as Harvard, Yale, Columbia, and Princeton. Chung’s book boasts 20 practice exams, twice as many as

The Official SAT Study Guide, 2nd edition.  Each practice test is purposely more difficult than the actual SAT in order to over-prepare you the exam.  The only issue with this book is that Dr. Chung’s book is pricier than some of its competitors.  If you can rationalize paying a bit more, the book is the gold standard in the genre.  I recommend that you check out what people are saying about this book.


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